Do you rely on WordPress for your blog and portfolio? If you do, chances are you are making use of plugins and tools that could help your site stand out. Since there are a number of choices in the market, it could be difficult to find the right one. The plugin you choose can either make or break your blog or portfolio. Here are some common mistakes that you can avoid when you use the right wordpress image plugin.

  • Non-readable image filenames. When you download images from the internet, the filenames can be just random numbers and letters. With the right wordpress image plugin, you can get optimized images with the readable filenames. Filenames are important in optimizing for search engines. They help people find your blog more easily.
  • Empty alt and title attributes. Search engines have difficulty interpreting the content of images. that’s why you need to make sure that your images have the right alt and title attributes. The more relevant text you include, the easier it is for search engine spiders to interpret your image’s content.
  • Squished images. WordPress creates thumbnails from the first photo you upload. Chances are your image size is set according to your previous theme. When you switch themes, you may need to resize your images. make sure you have set the correct size specified to avoid squished images.
  • Forgetting to assign a featured image. Visuals are important in creating a successful blog. This has been proven for decades now. Forgetting to assign a featured image is a great mistake that could lead to failure. No image equals little to no potential visitors or customers. Images play a great role by attracting the attention of people and maintaining them.
  • Selling photos on other websites. When you purchase photos from the Internet or from a wordpress image plugin, you are not allowed to share, distribute or sell those photos again as your own. You could face serious copyright violations that may impair or reputation and empty your pockets.

Avoid these 5 common mistakes by getting the right wordpress image plugin. PixelRockstar has over 4 million high quality and legally-sage safe images in its collection. All images are optimized with SEO-friendly captions and are shareable to social media.

Images are a powerful tool in branding and marketing. That’s why it’s important to choose the right images. Keep in mind that they will represent your company. You don’t want people to associate your brand with poor image quality. Many websites offer images, but not all of them offer royalty free images for commercial use.

Finding royalty free images for commercial use can be a pain. But, it doesn’t have to be. Many stock media sites offer what the images and protection you need. You don’t have to worry about the copyright police chasing your back anytime – as long as you legally purchase and download your images. Some of the stock media sites that offer high quality royalty free images that you can use for commercial purposes are:

  • Getty Images

Discover the world’s most powerful imagery with Getty Images. The stock site offers flexible options for every budget as well as custom solutions for every need. You can download all royalty free images and video with Ultrapacks

  • iStock
    Save with flexible plans for your budget with iStock. If you need royalty free images for commercial use at affordable prices, this is the option for you. iStock offers cheap yet incredible stock. It also offers free images every week.
  • 99 Club
    Are you looking for an image subscription plan of great value? Sign up with 99 Club. For only $99, you can download 200 XXL images anytime. You have no daily download limits, too. Plus, there is no auto renew feature. You can choose to renew your subscription whenever you want.

Free images, in particular, cannot be used for commercial purposes. You will be going in deep water if you use them for commercial purposes. The contributor or photographer can sue you of your profits worth or even more. Plus, it will greatly damage your reputation.


There is a limit on how you can use Creative Commons, and free photos come with a certain risk. You cannot modify these images to suit your creative needs, without worrying about the copyright police. You also need to make sure that attribute them exactly as specified. If you are planning to use CC and free images, think again. They come with limitations that may hinder you to achieve the design you want for your project.

Are you worried because you have limited budget? Not all high quality images can be found in high end stock media agencies. You can still find millions of them from cheap stock sites. There are a number of stock sites that offer premium image collections. You can buy stock photography at affordable prices with their a la carte and subscription offerings.

The use of Creative Commons is very limited. You are rarely allowed to retouch or edit any part of the image. You also have to climb a lot of attribution hurdles. But when you buy stock photography, you can cover all your bases. You can get the right license to give you the freedom you need to design and use the images. This is especially important if you are planning to resell.

Most stock media agencies offer an extended license if you need to make a project that involves reselling. You can easily get this type of license, but you have to pay more. The price will vary on how you intend to use the image. Factors that may affect the price include intended usage, duration of use, location and many more. For T-shirt design or postcard, purchase an extended license for more commercial purposes.

When it comes to creating better projects, you can never go wrong with stock photos. The hassles that comes with Creative Commons and free images should not be overlooked if you want to save time and money.

Cheap stock footage does not only benefit buyers, it also helps sellers in many ways. For some, it has been their source of income. Others shoot videos as a part-time job. Either way, it has helped them go through their financial burdens. Shooting, uploading and submitting stock videos is not easy. In fact, it is a time-consuming task. We understand that sellers set a large amount of their time and effort to create them. That’s why we encourage creative professionals to purchase stock video not only to protect themselves from copyright issues, but to support the creatives around the world as well.



As a seller, your consumers vary from large production companies to mass consumers who make their own video. No matter who your clients are, you should always present your videos at the topmost quality and user-friendly format. HD stock footage also more expensive that web and SD footages because it has better resolution. Many people are also using HD nowadays; thus, it is best to supply footage in the most popular format.


As a seller, you have the choice to offer your videos with rights-managed or royalty-free license. Royalty-free allows your buyers to use the cheap stock footage multiple times for a long period of time with a single fee. However, you should also provide some restrictions such as the number of times it can be used by the buyer. Rights-managed means you manage the rights of the footage. The buyer can only use your footage for a specific person at a limited time. Because of the rise of royalty-free footage, you should create rare and genuine rights-managed footages to attract buyers.


Most stock media agencies allow submission of stock footage from talented sellers around the world. They have certain criteria to determine if your creation fits their spirit and style. Some of the popular stock sites with millions of members include Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Images, and Corbis Images.


Some stock media agencies allow you to set the price for you cheap stock footage and give you 45% to 60% of the sale. Others set their own pricing and pay sellers only 20% to 40% of the sale. If your footage is sold exclusively, you usually get 10 to 20 percent more. You can either get the payments after the sale or as monthly payment through PayPal.

There are other things to consider when selling cheap stock footage, including how much you charge and keyword insertion. Keywords determine how your video clip will be searched. Stock libraries use titles and keywords to decide what results to show on a search. On the other hand, you can charge footages between $10 and $150 based on the license, resolution, and format. For historical videos, you can charge at least $500.

Getty Images is one of the leading stock photo agencies in the market today. It has over 50 million stock assets in its library, including images, illustrations and videos. Its photo gallery is filled with high quality images that covers every style and topic. However, it also has higher prices compared to its cheap stock photo agency counterparts. Before you get discouraged, we are happy to let you know that there is a Getty Images coupon code for you.


A Getty Images coupon code allows you to access the stock photo website and purchase the images you need for your creative projects. It gives you the discounts you need to enhance your blog and attract visitors to your website, so you do not have to break your bank. It allows you to save hundreds of dollars without compromising the quality of your stock files. Now, you can buy photos for commercial and editorial use for a cheaper price.

Where can you find a Getty Images coupon code? Many websites claim to offer this discount promo. However, the stock photo website itself does not currently offer one. To avoid dealing with scam sites, you need to be aware of the red flags in finding a coupon. First, stay away from sites that ask for anything in exchange for coupons. Coupons are generally offered for free. If a website asks for money or email address, move on and find another coupon source.

Second, avoid sites not affiliated to the stock photo website. Legit distributors of Getty Images coupon code are affiliated to Getty Images. If you come across a website that does not have a lasting relationship with the stock photo site, move on. You will likely end up with inactive or invalid coupon codes. When using these codes, keep in mind that the discount will be applied on your next purchase. Every website has its own rules in redeeming coupons so make sure to follow those, too.

  • Creative Photos. Creative Images include collections from Prestige, iStock, and Creative Royalty-free. This means you will find the photos in other stock photo agencies’ libraries, too. You will not have exclusive rights to the images. The Prestige Images are the most distinctive in the collection, while Creative RF are spectacular images offered at simple pricing.
  • Editorial. Editorial images include sports, entertainment, news and archival photos. Editorial use images can be used for editorial purposes, including digital, print, broadcast and social media. The archival collection include images of cultural moments, places and iconic personalities.

Getting a Getty Images coupon code gives you the opportunity to access the stock photo website’s library and purchase premium quality images at a discounted price. You do not need to break your bank anymore just to experience the stock site’s awesome services.


Millions of high quality royalty-free images curated by Adobe are waiting for you. There’s more! You can get the first 10 stock images for free. Just sign up for one year of Adobe Stock 10 images per month plan at $29.99/month. You will get 10 Adobe Stock photos free to use within the next month. Moreover, it is cancel risk within the first month which means you get to try one of the leading stock photo websites in the market free of charge.

Adobe Stock has over 50 million premium stock images in the library. You will surely find the perfect images to jump-start your creative projects. You can also purchase, access and manage these world-class images directly from your favorite Creative Cloud desktop application. To download these images, you have two choices – either pay per image or subscribe to a plan. Whichever you choose, just make sure it suits your creative needs and budget.

Choose an Adobe Stock Subscription

  • 10 images per month. If you only need a few images per month, we recommend this specific plan for you. It currently features our promo offer – Adobe Stock photos free for the first month. What is included with the subscription? You can get 10 images per month and purchase additional images at $2.99 each. You can also roll over as many as 120 unused images to the next month.

    Stock Photo Secrets Promo: Our Adobe Stock promo gives you a refund on the first month of your subscription. This means you get 10 Adobe Stock photos for free. The offer expires on April 30, 2016 so hurry and get your free first month today!

  • 350 images per month. This subscription plan is suitable for heavy image users, such as web designers and businesspersons. It includes 350 images which you can download within a month. It also allows you to purchase additional images for $0.99 per image.
  • 750 images per month. If you need more images than the 350-image plan can offer, you can also get this subscription plan. It also allows you to purchase additional images for only $0.99 each.


All Adobe Stock subscription plans are annual but paid monthly. They are all integrated with Creative Cloud desktop applications, so you can save more time from reworks. If you are a new subscriber, we recommend the 10 image per month plan. It gives you the opportunity to determine if the stock photo website is suitable for your creative needs. If you don’t like the stock (which is not likely), you can cancel within the first month. On the other hand, keep in mind that standard subscription rates will be billed at the end of your offer term – unless you change or cancel your subscription.


logo of adobe stockHave you heard about Adobe Stock? Are you wondering if it might be a good choice for you? Do you think it sounds interesting but still think you don’t know enough to make an informed decision? If you need more information, here is everything you ought to know about Adobe Stock photos and other images.

Q. What is Adobe Stock?
A. Adobe Stock is a service that provides access to over four million high-quality, high-resolution stock photos, graphics, illustrations, vectors, and other images.

Q, What file types are available?
A. Adobe Stock images are available in JPEG, AI, EPS, and SVG file formats.

Q. What resolutions are Adobe Stock images available in?
A. Adobe Stock images are licensed in the highest resolution possible. The resolution depends on the camera that was used to capture the photo. Most of the content that is available from Adobe Stock can accommodate high-quality printed output up to 300 dpi.

Q. Do I need to pay royalty fees on the images?
A. Adobe Stock photos and other images are royalty-free. This means the images you download to your computer can be used by you for an unlimited amount of time and in an unlimited number of ways.

Q. What happens if I do not like an image I purchased?search an image in adobe stock
A. Thankfully, Adobe stock has a fool-proof solution for this problem. Adobe Stock works right in your Adobe Creative Cloud apps. You can preview a watermarked sample of your image and manipulate it within your project, right on your tablet or another mobile device. That way you can have a preview of your final product. You will not need to pay for an image until you are sure you want it and know it will work in your project.

Q. Who can use Adobe Stock?
A. Adobe Stock is ideal for designers and large businesses that need graphics to help propel their business. However, it is a great tool for small businesses that want to grow and individual users as well.

Q. How do I pay for Adobe Stock?
Adobe Stock offers many convenient payment options. Occasional users can choose the pay-as-you-go option, and payment can be made easily within the app in which you are working. More frequent users can choose a multi-asset subscription.

Q. Can I edit the images I buy?
A. Images, or assets as Adobe Stock refers to them, can be edited in any way you desire as long as you do not violate or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any person or entity. You may also not place the creator nor model in a bad light or depict them in a way that could be deemed offensive.

Q. How do I gain access to Adobe Stock Images?
A. Adobe Stock can be launched from your Creative Cloud (CC) library panels within the CC applications. The current CC application include Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Dreamweaver CC. Images can be saved directly into a CC library and are immediately available in your desktop and mobile applications.

Q. Can I use Adobe Stock if I have CC apps that do not support CC libraries?
A. If you do not have apps that support CC libraries, you can still use Adobe Stock. You just need to download the images directly from the website to your computer. You can then open the images on your desktop.

Q. Is there a limit on how many times I can use a downloaded Adobe Stock image?
A. If you purchase a standard license, you can use the image for as long as you want. However, you cannot have a single-print run that exceeds 500,000.

Q. What happens if I need a single-print run of more than 500,000?
A. If you need a single-print run of a number that exceeds 500,000, you can now purchase an Adobe Stock extended license that allows the printing of mass quantities. This licensure is especially helpful for businesses that want to create promotional materials such as t-shirts, pens, and coffee mugs.

Q. Can I try Adobe Stock before I commit to a long-term agreement?
A. Right now you can get 10 images for free. But, hurry. It is a limited time offer.

Q. Why is my Adobe Stock photo watermarked?adobe-stock-photos-2
A. Adobe Stock photos are watermarked to indicate that they have not yet been licensed. Once you purchase the license for the image, the watermark will disappear, and you will receive the asset in its highest resolution.

Q. Can licenses for an asset be shared with others?
A. As long as all licenses restrictions are followed, you can share an asset with employees, coworkers, partners, subcontractors, or anyone else with whom you deem necessary. If you transfer an asset to a client, though, you must purchase a second license if it is intended to benefit that client.

If you have additional questions about Adobe Stock photos and other images, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.